Changing the captcha world

protect & monetize your forms

AdCaptcher is the world's most friendly captcha

Our service enables you to build and monetize custom captchas.

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Why it's important for you to use the friendly captcha

Easy to read

Provide your users our “easy to read” captcha and they will love you. We mean it!

Maximize revenue

A new monetization method for your websites! Earn revenue by serving smart ads in your captcha.

Mobile support

Stay safe in the most efficient environment for the next generation of advertising.

Increase conversion

Did you know that 8% of visitors leave when they see a “hard to read” captcha?

Not anymore!


Protect your websites from the well-known "viagra" bots & also from the social spammers.

Custom design

Don't brake the form design flow with an ugly captcha! Style your friendly captcha via CSS.

Run your own campaigns

Promote yourself or your clients in the network! We have awesome packages of impressions for you as publisher.

Change the user experience

People have a problem, a real problem. Listen to them, build your custom captcha and solve it!


It's free!

It's easy to administrate and the installation process is like 1-2-3, fast and furious with our plugins.


By using AdCaptcher [...] you get to brand your captcha with your own text, helping your blog readers having a better experience. - Dragos Roua, problogger at

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